ParaSHOOT : integrated pest management

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ParaSHOOT : integrated pest management

Internal pests ? ParaSHOOT 100% natural and so effective ! 

Focus on a nutritional supplement like no other. ParaSHOOT is first and foremost nutrition, but formulated on the basis of a particularly sharp plant complex. It will thus make it possible to act very effectively on the balance of the animal’s ecosystem and participate in a relevant way in the integrated fight against parasitism. ParaSHOOT is used as an alternative to or as part of protocols to limit the adverse effects of allopathic stress and also drug resistance.

There are solutions currently on the market that claim the same functions. So what makes ParaSHOOT so different? 

  • ParaSHOOT has wide and massive validation by the breeders themselves. Its proven formula is hailed in Europe as being particularly effective.
  • Very appetizing on a wide range of cattle, sheep, goats and horses. It is very easy to use, either mixed into the ration or distributed directly.
  • ParaSHOOT is certified organic so it can be used in organic farming. 
  • ParaSHOOT has a solid record of technical efficacy testing by an independent expert (flukes, paramphistomes, strongyles).


Find here the technical file of ParaSHOOT


Example of test results on cattle: the infestation of the animals at D0 is characterised by an excretion of paramphistoma eggs of 80 epg in the Control group and 82.5 epg in the ParaSHOOT group. In the ParaSHOOT group, a reduction in parasite excretion was observed at D10 with an efficacy of 67%. This efficacy increased to 92% at D20, then to 89% at D30, and to 77.27% at D35.



ParaSHOOT has the PARA-MAX core, designed to meet the growing needs of farmers who want to produce with more “natural” methods. This solution provides contact immunity combined with a limitation of parasite pressure. The simultaneous combination of plants such as thyme, garlic, common fern and tansy contained in the PARA-MAX core not only contributes to the integrated management of parasite risk, but also to good liver function.

Available in 10 kg buckets for :

– 100 to 166 sheep or goats 
– 20 to 33 cattle or horses
– 25 to 40 young cattle or light horses


ParaSHOOT is mainly used in the spring and early summer, as well as at the beginning of the season. For more information, ask your veterinarian for advice and ask us all your questions in the contact section. 

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