PHYTOACTIV NoFLY Spray Natural Insect Repellent

PHYTOACTIV NoFLY Spray is a ready-to-use solution that acts on external parasites (lice, flies, ticks, horseflies, myiasis). Its formula, based on natural plant extracts, is compatible with livestock farms under specifications organic farming.

Easy to use and simple to spray on areas subject to pest exposure. Available in a 5 litre can with optional POUR ON sprayer.


Natural geraniol, citronella, eucalyptus citriodora, geranium, lavender. Biocide TP19 n°46036.

is used externally only for repellent action. It should be sprayed on the animals (back, head, legs) as soon as they are in heat. For the animal’s comfort, avoid any contact with mucous membranes, eyes or possible lesions.

Repeat every 3 to 4 weeks depending on pest pressure conditions with the following recommended applications:
· Adult cattle : 50 ml
· Young cattle: 30 ml
· Goats : 15 ml
· Sheep : 15 ml
· Horse : 50 ml

Not suitable for dry cows.


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