PHYTOACTIV Derma CLEAN Skin Hygiene Sprayer

PHYTOACTIV Derma CLEAN is a skin hygiene product for cattle that are susceptible to dermatitis, of which ringworm is the most characteristic. As ringworm is a contagious disease, it is recommended to start the Derma CLEAN skin hygiene product at the first signs of the disease, to avoid its spread.

Easy to use, it is simply sprayed onto the affected areas. Available in a 250ml mini can.


Oily macerate of whole plants from the Araliaceae, Borraginaceae and Guttiferaceae families, known for their emollient, disinfectant and healing properties.

PHYTOACTIV Derma CLEAN for external use only. Spray on the skin lesions in a circular pattern, with a significant amount of overlap.
It is recommended not to touch the lesions. Repeat spraying every 3 days for the first week, then once a week if necessary.

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