NANO, the other way of thinking about tablets !

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NANO, the other way of thinking about tablets !

GREEN FORCE is equipping itself with the tools of production to put into practice the sum of the know-how acquired in the field of boluses and tablets.

After working for major players in the animal nutrition industry, we realised that our concept went much further in terms of technical and galenic mastery. We therefore created NANO to offer a possibility to be listed as a truly unique alternative on the market.


The Nanoactiv concept can be summed up in a base of protected know-how of exclusive formulation, but also of unique physical and chemical knowledge of dissolutions. More than a simple bolus, the applications are very wide with multi-effects delay competence for example, or a wide species spectrum (ruminants, pigs, poultry, horse, Pet, NAC …). In addition, our manufacturing infrastructure will allow for industrial flexibility capable of producing small batches with highly personalised formulas.

All manufactured by an independent French entity with a strong environmental commitment. We are at your disposal to elaborate with you a project study under confidentiality agreement. Launch November 2022, formulation pre-study and volume reservation highly recommended.

Ask for more information on our products & place orders on Contact us | Green Force Animal Nutrition ( or by phone at +33 (0)3 59 82 46 77.

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