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More than a brand of specialities and nutritional supplements, PhytoActiv offers a multi-species range, expert in the field, adapted to vets, farmers and riders.

With a unique approach, our products are manufactured in France and exclusively formulated, combining the best of the worlds of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, plant extracts and bioactive compounds.

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GREEN FORCE is a French FCA certified structure. With its feet firmly on the ground and its human scale, this agile structure is driven by the desire to provide innovative, competitive and proven solutions to the major challenges facing livestock farming (demedication, animal welfare, zootechnical performance, etc.).

Backed by its unique formulation skills, native knowledge of breeding systems and the practical expectations of breeders, we propose an offer that is oriented by nature towards exploring the power of plants.

The positive reinforcement of the animal and the expression of the potential of the living being in the respect of sustainable development are our main lines of work.

Green Force combines phyto-nutritional expertise with a broad spectrum of knowledge of the synergies offered by minerals, trace elements, high dilution approaches and bio-components.

Green Force offer

PARASHOOT: integrated pest management

Discover ParaSHOOT, a 100% natural supplementary feed for the rational management of internal parasitism.

Complementary feed specially designed to accompany ruminants and equines, future breeders and first-time grazers or those exposed to a high risk of parasites.
ParaSHOOT acts very effectively on the balance of the animal’s ecosystem and participates in a relevant way in the integrated fight against parasitism.



Carefully selected components

A wide range of more than 500 components incorporated in our formulas, including the best chelated and hydroxylated trace elements, bioactives, plant extracts, essential oils, high dilution mixtures, etc.

Species assessments

Dairy and suckling cattle, goats, sheep, poultry, pigs, horses, canines, felines, game, camelids.

Countries covered

We have a technical and commercial presence in 29 countries with partnerships mainly in Europe and Asia.


“We have used the services of R&D GREEN FORCE on very technical subjects with great satisfaction. The rigour and expertise are there and have guaranteed us to accelerate tests at a controlled cost and to be enlightened by an excellent level of scientific insight.”

Dominique – Bretagne Ingénieur Développement Produits

“I was able to test EQUIPASSION products on my horse with a really convincing result. The moult clearly went much better and his coat is much more beautiful with the BIOTISKIN, I particularly recommend the Vitality licking buckets.”

Amélie – Nord Propriétaire

“I use PYTHOACTIV products for my dairy cows, the products are very easy to use, I recommend the NoFly garlic lick buckets and also the contact spray version, it is a very effective natural fly and tick repellent .”

Julien – Mayenne Éleveur Laitier

“As a professional rider I have been using EQUIPASSION nutritional products for 3 years now, in particular DETOX+ and BIOTISKIN with very clear results. They are safe values with an excellent quality/price ratio.”

Nicolas – Pas-de-Calais Cavalier professionnel & Coach sportif

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