Processing & Agro-supply

Processing & Agro-supply

A unique know-how at the service of your brand.

GREEN FORCE also proposes an offer dedicated to the agricultural supply of the breeding with a large catalogue of ready-to-sell nutritionals or branded products. We develop for you from the concept to the formulation to achieve a product offer according to your zootechnical objectives or your specifications. It is therefore the expertise of 11 galenics (powder, liquid mix, blocks, gel, paste, cream, bolus, granules, etc.) that we implement for you under a confidentiality clause.

Technical Support

Within the framework of a true partnership, we provide support for all the technical aspects of your needs:

  • Choice and selection of formula components.
  • Sourcing the right packaging.
  • Creation of formulation scenarios and benchmarking of product formulas.
  • Support for the creation of technical reference and local trials.
  • Technical support for sellers and breeders to answer questions.

Strategic & Operational Marketing

The success of your shaping also lies in the customisation of your visual identity. We have a partnership of excellence with the BRAVO Agency, a communication and design specialist with extensive experience in the animal nutrition and agri-food sectors.

In close collaboration with the BRAVO Agency, we offer agile associated services with high immediate added value, adapted to all sizes and types of companies:

  • Strategic diagnosis of communication and visual identity effectiveness.
  • Creation of a launch pack for a commercial operation.
  • Logotyping, brochures, data sheets, presentation materials, product label design, etc.
  • Help with publishing and creating Inbound Marketing content.


Successful shaping also means being able to take this offer audibly and legitimately to your customers, breeders and end users. We have developed solid experience in training salespeople, technicians, trade experts and veterinarians.

Adaptable to all levels, we deploy tailor-made modules around several axes:

  • Technical deciphering of zootechnical issues from the basics to advanced themes (parasitism, locomotion, reproduction, immunity, etc.).
  • Awareness of functional nutrition: stimulating the animal to strengthen it at critical stages of its development.
  • The role and potential of plants in animal nutrition.
  • Training and development in ethical selling.

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