The company


 is a structure embodied by Aurélie FOISNET, its founder, who, after substantial experience in R&D and a Bachelor’s degree in BtoB commercial development, capitalises on a native and multi-species knowledge of the world of breeding and a Doctorate in Animal Biology to invest herself in an entrepreneurial way in the world of animal nutrition.

Aurélie Foisnet, founder of GREEN FORCE NUTRITION – Doctor in Animal Biology, says: “Our raison d’être is to express the power of functional nutrition for efficient and sustainable breeding.”

Why choose GREEN FORCE ?


We attach great importance to the development of sustainable solutions that respect resources, manufacturing conditions, the living world and thus tomorrow. GREEN FORCE is a company with a mission. We work with abnegation to explore, develop and propose levers of reasoned zootechnical improvements in partnership with Nature.


Coming from the livestock industry, we have a real and lived knowledge of the challenges faced by livestock farms operating with very different systems and constraints. With our experience and a leading European network, we are at the beginning of the trends and innovations phase. This is a cardinal point that guides our approach at a time when many product offers have lost touch with the farm.


The company is certified and registered under the FCA Quality standard. Our products are designed and manufactured with an eye toward optimal and fair perceived value. Buying and using a GREEN FORCE product inspires long-lasting confidence. Our level of control in terms of traceability allows us to offer ranges of products and services aligned with the most demanding standards.


All our products are tested and proven in real-life situations. We ensure that they are widely validated by users through continuous performance evaluations. Elite Farmers, which gathers pilot breeders, and Elite Vet, which gathers a community of veterinarians in Europe, challenge GREEN FORCE products every month and participate in their evolution.

Our areas of expertise

GREEN FORCE brings together several areas of activity that are united around a common set of values. Our objective is to combine our experience in the service of responsible innovation that creates sustainable value.

Formulation and design of nutritional supplements and hygiene solutions for veterinarians – KNOW MORE

We support, strengthen and accelerate the performance of your R&D and testing process – KNOW MORE

We offer a tailor-made zootechnical training programme for all levels and support you on a wide range of themes that structure your business.


We produce high value-added content for your publications and communication media – KNOW MORE

Design and marketing of your branded range of nutritional supplements and animal health solutions – KNOW MORE

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