Biotiskin : « well in its skin, well in its hooves »

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Biotiskin : « well in its skin, well in its hooves »

Focus on an emblematic product of the range EQUI’PASSION : BIOTISKIN. 

BIOTISKIN is a dietary supplement of cold pellets available in 3kg buckets. It is specially formulated to support hoof regeneration and skin quality. Made in France and without GMO, the fragile components of its formula are perfectly preserved thanks to the exclusive granulation process SWEET PELLETS. 

BIOTISKIN is enriched with biotin, zinc and copper in highly assimilable forms, as well as amino acids (methionine). On this basis we have added : 

  • Plant extracts from the compound DER-MAX, 
  • PROPOLIX complex with Propolis known for its support of natural defences,
  • The garlic-based G-MAX core brought here particularly for its beneficial action on the blood circulation.

All these elements play a major role in the constitution and quality of the dander (hoof horn, keratin generation, hair) and the dermis.

In concrete terms, in addition to promoting the structured development of the hoof and acting on the beauty of the coat, it offers direct support to the animal. A genuine contributor to its well-being, BIOTISKIN helps the horse to : 

  • Better negotiate seasonal shifts (spring and autumn) where it is subject to climatic and environmental stresses.  
  • To support the convalescence of wounds or skin lesions, by promoting healing.
  • Prevent, through good dermal health, problems of dermatological fragility, particularly in horses exposed to environmental aggression (sand, mud, external parasites, etc.) or to riding equipment.
  • To accompany its moult, particularly in unstable climatic situations (wet spring or very variable temperatures). BIOTISKIN users report that moulting is easier and, above all, faster. As a result, it is also less stressful for the horse.

The horse’s skin is sensitive and fragile, yet it is one of the first lines of defence. Hence the importance of taking care of it and supporting it with attention.


BIOTISKIN is easy to use and palatable. It is simply mixed into the ration at a rate of 100gr per day for a period of 30 days.

We recommend its use during spring and autumn as a dietary support and at the first signs of itching or localised hair loss.

It benefits from the satisfaction of its users, including Nicolas Duhamel, a professional rider and coach, who uses it regularly, with feedback and observations that are always very positive: “It is truly a product that has demonstrated its effectiveness and has become an essential tool for me in maintaining the perfect condition of horses”.

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